I fully regret leg day in this moment.  Tomorrow I’ll be happy I did it, but for right now I wish I hadn’t.

Today has been pretty awesome otherwise.  Going to Starbucks in a bit, getting some work done and then off to hang with some awesome chicks!


…..at a loss for words.

Today has been a fantastic day.  10/10 would groundhog day this day.


Super productive day!  Since I knew certain individuals would not be spending the holiday with their parents, I went over and made them breakfast.  Did all of their yard work.  Washed and detailed all of their cars.  

After finishing that I was able to wash and detail mine since I am going to sell her, hopefully within the next 2 weeks.  I’ve had my motorcycle license for years now and it is time I just downgrade to that.  Won’t need a big SUV where I’m going, this way I’ll be forced to use public transportation or just walk most places which I have no problem with whatsoever.  

Made a fantastic dinner for all of us.  And took them out to the movies.  Great day overall, except I forgot to give B her bath, but nothing is on the books for tomorrow so that will be when she gets it.  

Ever have one of those moments where you’re looking at something that doesn’t quite make sense, and then it does.  As if you have this sudden clarity because the lights were off and someone flipped the switch.  Yep, that was me today….when I was flipping through my dashboard and realized that yelyahwilliams isn’t yel-yah williams, but Hayley Williams.  I am not proud of how long that took me to figure out. 



Fake Pockets: A How To

dude. this comic was made for me.

(via wilwheaton)

The one exception to my “no food photos” post. French toast (which I recently learned to make), bacon (first time cooking it), fresh strawberries, and homemade whisky whipped cream. It was delicious, quite possibly the best thing I ever made for breakfast. #EasterBreakfast #HappyEaster #FoodPorn #WhiskyWhippedCream


Today was a continuation of national jackass day….maybe it was weekend instead of day, who knows.  If people could just learn to drive, not going down the up aisle/going up the down aisle, learn to not sit idle blocking the entrance for Starbucks (you Ma’am, are an asshole for doing so for 10 minutes while texting your friend or whatever the fuck it is that you were doing), learn to not suddenly run behind a vehicle that is backing up because “it’s funny bro”, that’d be great.  For some reason I have this hold out on hope for humanity, for people learning not to do stupid shit because common sense dictates that we as a species should be smarter than that.  One day that might happen, unfortunately that day was not today.  

On the bright side of today, after getting my drink at Starbucks, getting in my car and rolling the window down (because it is finally nice enough out to do so without the fear of spiders crawling into my vehicle) the barista who made it for me came running outside.  I at first thought she forgot to add the espresso shots, but was pleasantly surprised when she said she just wanted to tell me my hair looks awesome and that she really loves it and to have an amazing day.  You, Miss, made my day.  Thank you for that kind act, it really made up for all the idiots I had to deal with all day today. :)

Bella is so happy right here. #Chihuahua #Dog #chillin

Morning nap number 3: The Sun Nap. #Chihuahua #chihuahuanap #Bella #Dog #Cutie #alwaysnapping